Date Published:
Sep 11, 2018
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PIDS Book 2018-02

Since the beginning of the Duterte administration, federalism has been espoused as an alternative to the centralized system of governance in the Philippines. To promote an intelligent discourse on this issue, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) dedicated the Third Annual Public Policy Conference (APPC) 2017 to the discussion of federalism. The 2017 APPC specifically focused on the fiscal design and political feasibility of federalism in the country, as well as state boundaries under a federal republic.

In this volume, which is a compilation of the papers presented during the Third APPC, the PIDS hopes that the recommendations raised in these proceedings will serve as a practical resource for the public and policymakers alike, especially as they make informed decisions regarding the adoption of federalism in the Philippines.


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In Congress Documents
  1. Go, Mark. 2019. House Bill 4559: An act to establish the local equitable allocation program and for other purposes. House of Representatives.

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