Date Published:
Jul 18, 2019
Focus Area(s):
PIDS Book 2019-01

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIRe) has dramatically changed the world we live in. The FIRe, characterized by the fusion of the physical, digital, and biological worlds, is radically transforming businesses and poses risks that may highly impact our society.

To better understand its potential socioeconomic impacts and benefits for the country, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies dedicated the Fourth Annual Public Policy Conference (APPC) held in September 2018 to the discussion of this topic through the theme "Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today".

This volume compiles the proceedings of the APPC 2018 to provide a useful reference for our leaders and policymakers on the opportunities and issues associated with the FIRe. It covers evidence-based policy studies, articles, and commentaries written by esteemed international and local experts in the fields of engineering, computer science, physics, agriculture, economics, governance, and business, to name a few. It likewise contains recommendations to mitigate the risks and reap the benefits brought by FIRe to further advance Philippine development.

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