Date Published:
Jun 01, 1984
Focus Area(s):
PIDS Book 1984-01

One of the most important development challenges that confronts the Philippines in the years ahead is the need to provide jobs to the currently unemployed and underemployed members of the labor force as well as to the 600 000-650 000 persons who join the labor force every year. Accordingly, employment promotion remains a high priority in our country’s development efforts. This study on Philippine employment in the seventies by Rosa Linda P. Tidalgo and Emmanuel F. Esguerra presents valuable information and insights on the Philippine employment scenario. It reviews the findings and recommendations of employment research, highlights the employment experience in the 70s, evaluates the overall policy framework for employment promotion, assesses the state of Philippine employment statistics and indicates the factors which should be considered in formulating employment policy. It is hoped that this study can in one way or another assist in promoting more effective and consistent employment policies and programs in the future.

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