Date Published:
Mar 27, 2019
Focus Area(s):
DRN 2019 Vol. 37 No. 1

The first issue of the Development Research News (DRN) for 2019 underscores the need to revisit the country’s regulations in view of today’s fast-evolving technological advances. Its banner story focuses on the importance of viewing regulations as a system to further develop human progress rather than a set of fixed directives. The DRN also features articles looking at the different regulatory issues that restrict growth in the country’s services sector, specifically in the information and communications technology and financial services sectors. Another article looks at expanding local industries as a probable answer to the country’s brain drain situation. Completing this issue is an infographic explaining the middle class in the Philippines—who comprises it, its profile, projections on how long it will take the poor and low-income classes to become middle class, and recommendations to strengthen it. Lastly, starting this year 2019, the DRN will also don a new design and layout to present and deliver our messages more effectively.

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