Date Published:
Mar 28, 2020
DRN 2020 Vol. 38 No. 1

This first issue of the Development Research News (DRN) for 2020 puts light on some key challenges in the Philippine education sector. The banner story talks about the current mismatch between the skills learned by the graduates and those needed by the industry today. This was evident in the data science and analytics field--despite being one of the most in-demand jobs. Articles on the challenges faced by reform programs targeting the country's secondary and higher education are also included in the issue. Another article highlights the high labor migration rates among Filipino workers and the role played by social networks. This issue also features articles on the current situation of Philippine trade and export. It also features stories about the launch of the Institute's first book on gender and the groundbreaking ceremony for the new PIDS building. Completing this issue is an article about poor development planning in the local government--specifically at the city/municipal level--and an infographic on the how the country fares in terms of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).


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  1. Crispin R. Aranda . 2021. Revised alphabet for future jobs: AVCDEF*. Manila Times.

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