Date Published:
Dec 21, 2018
Discussion Papers
DP 2018-29

This study examines the effectiveness of the Local Housing Board (LHB) as a platform for participatory governance in the delivery of public housing in an urban setting. It looks into the conduct and outcomes of participation in the LHB using the case study approach. Results show that participatory governance, through the Local Housing Board, is still evolving. Many cities that institutionalized their LHBs have used the Board as a legal tool to carry out eviction and demolition. However, in cases when citizens’ participation is effectively implemented as the case of the Quezon City Housing Board, the solutions can lead to more acceptable socialized housing. For the LHB to enable the process, the decision-making process within the Board has to be strengthened with greater representation of peoples' organization; community participation in the selection of their representatives to the Board; and transparency in the discussion of issues and decisions of the Board.

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