Date Published:
Jan 30, 2013
Discussion Papers
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DP 2013-11

The Philippines had laid down the groundwork for improving the welfare of persons with disability (PWDs) two decades ago when it enacted the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability. Several other policies have been formulated since then to ensure that PWDs can have the chance to live the way they so desire. However, recent surveys reveal that despite this, PWDs rarely benefit from these legislations and other programs that have been developed for their advancement. There is a multitude of interplaying factors that constrain them from benefiting from such efforts and these have to be addressed first. This paper discusses the current situation of PWDs in terms of awareness and participation with the objective of identifying the various constraints that they face.


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  1. Orante, Ben. 2016. The 2016 elections and the road to a PWD-inclusive PH. Rappler.

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