Date Published:
Jun 01, 2010
Discussion Papers
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DP 2010-12

The Asia and Pacific region and Latin American and Caribbean region are two regions divided not only by vast geographic distance, but also by disparities in economics, politics, culture, and history. Most recently, a number of forums explored the possibility of closing such gaps and linking the two regions through various trade and investment initiatives. The opportunities for cooperation abound and could touch on areas that will improve the regional value chain and enhance the innovation and competitiveness of both regions. Interregional cooperation could also help the two regions seek ways to deal with the current global economic crisis through a range of opportunities to stimulate the economy. This paper explores the potential for regional cooperation between the Asia and Pacific region and Latin America and the Caribbean. It also provides some recommendations to enhance the economic partnership of the two regions.


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  1. Wignaraja, Ganeshan, Dorothea Ramizo, and Luca Burmeister. 2012. Asia-Latin America free trade agreements: An instrument for inter-regional liberalization and integration?. ADBI Working Papers 382. Asian Development Bank Institute.

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