Date Published:
Apr 20, 2017
Discussion Papers
DP 2017-17

The Philippines enacted two legislations to promote renewable energy (RE) deployment (i.e., Renewable Energy Act of 2008 and the Biofuels Act of 2006) in recognition of the advantages of the use of RE as energy source. However, there remain issues and criticisms on the promotion of RE technologies and on the implementation of the RE laws. Both sides of the debate have their justifications for supporting or not supporting the use of RE resources and technologies. The implementation of the RE laws, rules, and regulations has also been receiving criticisms. For this paper, data and information on the areas of debate were collected and examined. Findings provide some reference for revisiting the RE laws and regulations to improve their implementation and produce better outcomes for stakeholders.


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  1. Lumawag, Reuel John. 2021. A long road for renewable energy in Mindanao. Sun Star Davao.

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