Date Published:
Aug 06, 2020
PJD 2020 Vol. 44 No. 2d

This paper provides recommendations to shape suitable and appropriate legal, regulatory, and policy responses to emerging trends in the global electricity sector characterized by high levels of distributed energy resources (DERs). It reviews the existing Philippine legal and regulatory framework relating to DERs especially for distributed generation, micro or minigrid systems, and energy storage. It aims to determine if the country’s current regulatory framework can promote innovation and adequately support the integration of DERs by optimizing its benefits and minimizing potential disruptions in its deployment. Existing literature on international responses to advancements in the deployment of DERs were examined to identify risks and mistakes, lessons learned, and best practices to adapt to emerging trends in the sector. Based on the analysis, this paper formulates guiding principles and legal, regulatory, and policy responses to foster an environment where the potentials of DERs are maximized.

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