Date Published:
Jun 01, 1994
Focus Area(s):
JPD 1994 Vol. XXI Nos. 1&2-e

GATT-UR provisions on agriculture have been most controversial. Its ratification depends on the establishment of adequate “safety nets” to protect farmers from the anticipated adverse welfare impacts of the GATT-UR implementation. This paper argues that the global and Philippine trade liberalization in the spirit of GATT-UR will benefit the poor and farmers. Senate should therefore ratify the agreements to allow the government to attend their business of carrying out economic and institutional reform for sustainable economic growth.


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In other Publications
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  2. David, Cristina C., Ponciano Intal, and Arsenio M. Balisacan. 2007. Distortions to agricultural incentives in the Philippines. Agricultural Distortions Working Paper Series 48477. World Bank.

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