Date Published:
Nov 06, 2017
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PJD 2017 Vol. 43 No. 1d

This paper aims to promote competitive access for telecommunications providers. Among other things, it includes provisions for interconnection, access to physical facilities, and transparency. Reforms in these areas will likely benefit consumers and help businesses become more competitive. There is a need, however, to determine if or what regulatory and policy reforms are necessary for the Philippines to qualify for entry into emerging new trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). This paper uses the TPPA Final Text on Telecommunications (Chapter 13, Article XIII.4) released on February 6, 2016, to measure the Philippines' readiness to join the trade agreement.


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In the Media
  1. Tiglao, Rigoberto. 2018. ‘The telco duopoly has become the CPP-NPA’s biggest funder’. Manila Times.

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