Date Published:
Jun 01, 1985
Focus Area(s):
WP 1985-01

For quite some time, community organizers from the Institute of Social Work an Community Development have been dealing with various aspects of the coconut industry. This research output is intended to help those in the Institute to broaden their perspectives and familiarize themselves with issues at a macro level to better facilitate the process of understanding the more immediate problems confronted in the actual fieldwork. In addition, this review could help pinpoint areas for future investigation by social scientists. This paper is a review of welfare-related issues in the Philippines’ coconut industry. It surveys the literature dealing with various aspects of the coconut industry in an attempt to highlight the impact of these on the welfare of the coconut farmers and laborers.


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In other Publications
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  2. Librero, Aida. 1994. Effects of macroeconomic policies on rural nonfarm enterprises. Discussion Papers DP 1994-10. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

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