Date Published:
Jun 01, 1989
Working Papers
Focus Area(s):
WP 1989-10

Utilizing data from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, this study conducts a comparative study of informal markets (ICM). It hopes to cover the major structure of ICMs, the size and its trends and the policy/legal environment. It also discusses the role of ICMs in savings generation, credit consumption, allocation efficiency and equity. How the interest rate is formed in ICM, together with the competition between the formal and informal sectors, the possible role of ICMs and the interlinkage of credit with other markets are analyzed. An optimal legal and policy environment towards the informal sector is offered.


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In other Publications
  1. Malapit, Hazel Jean L.. 2012. Are women more likely to be credit constrained? Evidence from low-income urban households in the Philippines. Feminist Economics, 18, no. 3, 81-108. Taylor & Francis Journals.
  2. Manlagnit, Ma. Chelo V.. 2004. In-depth analysis on the access to and suitability of the loans. Discussion Papers DP 2004-05. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

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