This virtual event will present three PIDS studies, namely, “Boosting Agricultural Productivity through Parcelization of Collective Certificate of Land Ownership Awards”, "Land Tenure, Access to Credit, and Agricultural Performance of ARBs, Farmer Beneficiaries, and Other Rural Workers", and "The Role of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs) in Agriculture Value Chain".

The first study, authored by PIDS Supervising Research Specialist Ivory Myka R. Galang, discussed the benefits and problems in relation to the subdivision of collective land titles under the Department of Agrarian Reform’s (DAR) parcelization program. The paper recommended the adoption of a modern cadaster and record-keeping system and the improvement of DAR’s agrarian justice delivery system for a faster and smoother implementation of the parcelization program. Moreover, the study noted that other rural development strategies, such as farm consolidation, may be undertaken while parcelization is being pursued.

The second study, also authored by Galang, analyzed the borrowing incidence among ARBO member households, particularly those engaged in farm production, using primary data from the Baseline Survey of Project ConVERGE, a DAR project. The study found that membership in an ARBO is associated with better credit access, and borrowing ARBO agricultural households are better off than nonborrowing ARBO agricultural households. Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOA)-holding ARBO agricultural households also have higher borrowing incidence than the average ARBO agricultural households. The study recommended promoting policies directed toward organizing farmers to increase their access to formal credit and looking into ways to reduce the cost of lending and the risks related to small farmer lending.

The third study, authored by PIDS Vice President Marife M. Ballesteros and PIDS Research Specialist Jenica A. Ancheta, evaluated how ARBOs participate in the value chain and how they engage actors along the value chain, as well as identified the challenges they face in the process.

You may read or download the full studies from these links:


Converge Policy Studies: Land Tenure & Credit presented by Ms. Ivory Myka Galang, Supervising Research Specialist, Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Role of ARBOs in Agriculture Value Chain presented by Dr. Marife Ballesteros, Vice President, Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Reaction of Mr. Bernie F. Cruz, Undersecretary for Foreign Assisted and Special Projects Office, Department of Agrarian Reform 

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