The Annual Public Policy Conference (APPC) is the main and culminating activity of the Development Policy Research Month celebration held every September. This year, the 7th APPC will feature the theme “Reset and Rebuild for a Better Philippines in the Post-Pandemic World” in a four-part webinar series.

This first webinar in the series will be on September 14, from 9:00 to 11:30 am. It will begin with the APPC Opening Program.

It will be followed by the session on “Resetting Capitalism”, which will discuss the key concepts of the so-called “Great Reset”, which were raised in the 2020 World Economic Forum. The ‘Great Reset’ refers to steering the market toward fairer outcomes, ensuring investments advance shared goals such as equality and sustainability, and harnessing the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good.

To rebuild a better Philippines, governments will have to focus more on setting the right policies to support continuing epidemiologic improvements, removing inequities in and providing resources for access to disease prevention and treatment, and incentivizing people to adopt better and more sustainable ways of life. The options for a sustainable existence post-pandemic may include changing social and behavioral practices, altering views of what is essential and has economic value, and restructuring institutions to optimize the benefits from the new practices and emerging worldviews.

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Resetting Capitalism presented by Prof. Luigi Zingales, Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago

Resetting Philippine Capitalism for the Common Good: Corporate Governance for Shared Prosperity presented by Dr. Benito L. Teehankee, Jose E. Cuisia Professor of Business Ethics Management and Organization Department, Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business, De La Salle University

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