This webinar features several PIDS studies drawn from the PIDS research project on early childhood care and development (ECCD) in the first 1,000 days (F1KD) of children in three UNICEF-KOICA areas, namely, Northern Samar, Western Samar, and Zamboanga del Norte.

In particular, the papers examined the contextual factors that influenced the delivery of ECCD-F1KD efforts in these areas. The studies found that the access to and delivery of ECCD-F1KD programs and services is greatly affected by the following factors, such as the lack of economic development/opportunities for most of the LGUs leading to low tax revenue base and poor capacity of many households to access such interventions; lack of integrated planning at the LGU level; lack of coordination in planning and budgeting; the absence of proper monitoring and evaluation; questionable quality of data coming from the OPT; lack of capacity of volunteer health workers; overburdened midwives; difficulty of reaching geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas due to security concerns and geographical barriers; and lack of awareness in some parents and even in local government leaders/officials, among others. More importantly, the studies provided recommendations to address these issues.

Copies of the individual studies may be accessed from the following links:

1. PIDS DP 2019-30: Situation Analysis of ECCD-F1KD Initiatives in the Province of Samar

2. PIDS DP 2019-29: ECCD-F1KD Situation Analysis in Selected KOICA-UNICEF Municipalities in Northern Samar

3. PIDS DP 2019-28: Situational Analysis of Distal Factors Affecting Early Childhood Care and Development in the First 1000 Days of Life in Zamboanga del Norte

4. PIDS DP 2019-31: Situation Analysis of ECCD-F1KD Initiatives in Selected UNICEF-KOICA Provinces

This webinar will be streamed live on the PIDS Facebook page. Those who want to join the actual webinar should PRE-REGISTER using this link:

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Rowena T. Taliping or Ms. Gwen B. de la Cruz at or, respectively.


ECCD-F1KD: Situation Analysis in Selected UNICEF-KOICA Areas by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Dr. Aubrey Tabuga

ECCD-F1KD: Situation Analysis in Northern Samar by PIDS Senior Resarch Fellow Dr. Connie Dacuycuy, PIDS Research Analyst Lora Baje, and former PIDS Research Specialist

ECCD-F1KD: Situation Analysis in Zamboanga del Norte by PIDS Senior Research Fellow Dr. Michael Abrigo


The recording of this webinar may be viewed at

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