This webinar features two PIDS studies conducted in collaboration with the Department of Interior and Local Government.

The first study, “Baseline Study on Policy and Governance Gaps for the Local Government Support Fund Assistance to Municipalities (LGSF-AM) Program”, identified policy and governance gaps in infrastructure and planning to provide baseline data on key areas and current planning practices of municipalities. Among the gaps identified include low revenue effort, as well as inadequate utilization of mandated development fund, due to poor planning in majority of the municipalities. The recommendations of the study include improving the compliance of these LGUs in the regular updating of their multisectoral development plans, revisiting the basis of establishing their current situation, improving their project readiness and feasibility, and strengthening the capacity development programs in the municipal level to address governance gaps in development planning.

The second study, “Assessment of the Philippine Local Government Planning and Budgeting Framework”, looked at the mechanism of development for local governments and mapped out the current planning and budget framework. It identified several areas of improvement in the planning and budgeting process such as the stricter enforcement of the presence of development plans and substantiating the prioritization of investment programs in LGUs.

The full text of these studies may be downloaded from and


Studies on Philippine Local Government Planning and Budgeting by Dr. Charlotte Justine Diokno-Sicat, Research Fellow, PIDS

Comments by Dr. Paul Hutchcroft, Professor, Australian National University

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