The virtual seminar will feature the PIDS research paper “Answering Critical Questions on Mining in the Philippines: Phase 2” authored by Engr. Ludwig John Pascual, Dr. Sonny Domingo, and Ms. Arvie Joy Manejar, PIDS consultant, senior research fellow, and research analyst, respectively.

The study assessed the state of small-scale mining in the country and provided insights on rebalancing environmental, commercial, and welfare concerns. Specifically, it examined the current policy on small-scale mining operations; looked into the contributions of small-scale mining operators; addressed critical issues confronting them; and provided options for policy augmentation to improve the performance and enhance the net positive impact of small-scale mining activities. 

A policy note version of this study may be downloaded here.


Answering Critical Questions on Mining in the Philippines (Phase 2: Small-scale Mining) by PIDS Consultant Engr. Ludwig Pascual

The recording of this webinar may be viewed at

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