A PIDS study found that while the Philippines has been recognized as a champion of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), even its own enterprises do not seem to survive once they enter international trade. In fact, only 6 in every 10 exporting Philippine MSMEs manage to survive after their first year of operation abroad. This figure drops to less than 4 in every 10 by the end of their fourth year. Given these findings, the study urges the government to extend support to exporting Philippine MSMEs. Focus should be directed toward assistance in increasing the capability of the firms, targeted appropriately, to reach larger orders, either through financing or through consolidation with other similar firms that have successfully complied with the product standards required by foreign buyers.

Know more about the study titled “Duration of export relationships of Philippine MSMEs” here:https://www.pids.gov.ph/publications/6164

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