Hello, PIDS friends! Happy New Year! Here's our #FactFriday for the week on the employability of our senior high school graduates.

A PIDS study on the senior high school (SHS) program found that similar to the results of an earlier study, only a small proportion of SHS graduates (a little over 20%) enter the labor force, and most of them (more than 70%) continue with their education. It also validates earlier results showing that employers have a wait-and-see attitude about hiring SHS graduates. The study emphasizes the need to continue examining the effectiveness of the work preparation component of the SHS curriculum and working with employers to inform and demonstrate to them what SHS graduates can do.

Know more about the publication titled “On the Employability of the Senior High School Graduates: Evidence from the Labor Force Survey” here: https://pidswebs.pids.gov.ph/.../PUBLICAT.../pidsdps2040.pdf.

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