Persons with disabilities (PWDs) who are members of the Disabled Person`s Organization (DPO) and have good educational background have better access to employment.

A research study conducted by PIDS Research Associate Christian Mina found that DPO membership and educational attainment are strongly correlated with higher employment opportunities among PWDs. The findings were obtained through an analysis of the 2008 and 2010 disability surveys in selected cities of Metro Manila and Rosario, Batangas, respectively.

According to the study, the proportion of employed PWDs in the urban area is relatively higher among those who are members of at least one DPO compared to those who are not. One clear example of this is that the majority of visually impaired respondents, who are members of DPOs, are working as masseurs. It is thus interesting to note that DPOs have a significant role in empowering PWDs by providing them productive work.

Likewise, in the rural areas, it is revealed that PWDs who are largely dependent on entrepreneurial income are more closely related to being a DPO member and at least a high school graduate. In this regard, it would be a good idea for the local government to collaborate with DPOs in conducting regular activities catered for PWDs such as income-generating activities, socialization, and rehabilitation, among others.

The PIDS study also noted that PWDs with postgraduate degrees tend to get professional jobs. Those who have college diploma are more likely to become officers/supervisors, service/sales workers, or clerks. On the other hand, PWDs who either have no formal schooling or are at most have reached the elementary level are more likely associated with being laborers/unskilled workers whose job security is not assured and who receive lower pay.

Good educational background is also considered as an important requirement in gaining employment. Thus, one of the recommendations of the study is for the government to offer scholarship programs to PWDs or alternative learning avenues for skills development to help them gain stable employment.

For more information, you may download the full study from this link:

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