PIDS Senior Research Fellow Adora Navarro was chosen as one of Manila's 40 under 40 International Development Leaders by Devex, the world's largest community of aid and development professionals. In a reception held on February 19 in Makati City, Dr. Navarro and 39 other Manila-based development leaders were acknowledged for their influence on the development agenda and impact on development results either in the Philippines or abroad.

Devex's 40 under 40 program recognizes the important work of the next generation of leaders in the international development community around the world.

Dr. Navarro was cited for her research that helped provide guidelines, methodologies, toolkits and practical approaches to maximize the use of development finance and public resources.

In a concept paper she wrote in 2009, Navarro called for a more logical allocation of grants and subsidies in the water supply and sanitation sector through the use of prioritization criteria based on poverty, incidence of water-borne diseases and water service coverage. She also wrote a paper defining tourism-logistics-transportation convergence areas and advocating the use of this definition in harmonizing national and secondary road transport investments.

Dr. Navarro was chosen from a pool of more than 250 candidates. Navarro and her co-awardees are global development professionals based in Manila that include young leaders from international donor agencies, implementing partners, local government units, media and multinational companies as well as founders of social enterprises and members of civil society.

Dr. Navarro finished her doctorate in economics from the UP School of Economics. Her fields of expertise include infrastructure, public-private partnerships, and electricity markets.
Previous Devex 40 under 40 events were held in Washington D.C. in 2010 and in London in 2011. The Philippines is the first developing country chosen by Devex to host the event.

To know more about Devex 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders Awards, please visit their website at

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