Under a decentralized setting, local government units are given increased spending and revenue-raising authority, including infrastructure development responsibilities. To identify the fiscal gaps in the devolved infrastructure services such as local roads, evacuation centers, and rural health units as well as the governance gaps in the planning process of municipalities, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), have embarked on a joint research project called the Local Government Support Fund- Assistance to Municipalities (LGSF-AM) Baseline Study on Policy and Governance Gaps.

This infographic discusses some of the salient findings of the survey. It highlights the fiscal and governance gaps in the municipalities and provides some recommendations to address them.

This infographic is based on an upcoming PIDS study titled “Baseline Study on Policy and Governance Gaps for the Local Government Support Fund Assistance to Municipalities (LGSF-AM) Program” written by Charlotte Justine Diokno-Sicat (research fellow), Catharine Adaro (former supervising research specialist), Ricxie Maddawin (research analyst), Angel Faye Castillo (research analyst), and Maria Alma Mariano (former senior research specialist).
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