The Philippine Institute for Development Studies held a public seminar on decentralization, health, and governance on May 23, 2019.

Four PIDS studies were presented, namely, "A Survey of Literature on Philippine Decentralization" by Dr. Charlotte Justine Sicat, "A Public Expenditure Review of Social Protection Programs in the Philippines" also by Dr. Sicat, "Devolution of Health Services, Fiscal Decentralization, and Antenatal Care in the Philippines" by Dr. Michael Abrigo, and "Health Devolution in the Philippines: Lessons and Insights" by Ms. Janet Cuenca.

Dr. Sicat's first paper discussed about the various literature on Philippine decentralization that provide evidence on local government performance and development, while her second paper looked at how much the Philippine government has invested in social protection as well as the evolution of social protection programs in the country.

Dr. Abrigo's study discussed about the relationship of local government incomes and demand for health care in a decentralized setting. Meanwhile, Ms. Cuenca's study focused on the Philippines' experience in health devolution.
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