Hello, PIDS friends! Here's our #PIDSFactFriday for the week on improving cancer financing in the Philippines.

A PIDS paper noted that cancer was the second leading cause of death in the Philippines from 2016 to 2018. Despite this, the government’s total expenditures on cancer decreased from PHP 23 billion in 2018 to PHP 18.8 billion in 2019. To improve cancer financing in the country, the policy note stressed that it is crucial to invest in technological infrastructure to solve interoperability issues and digitize paper-based data, leverage available evidence to review cancer care benefits under PhilHealth packages and the Cancer Assistance Fund, centralize decisionmaking on all public cancer interventions, and leverage the National Integrated Cancer Control Act implementation to put oncology financing on the national agenda by strengthening public-private partnerships.

Know more about the policy note titled “Help Reduce Cancer Burden in the Philippines through an Improved Cancer Financing Model” here: https://www.pids.gov.ph/publications/7665.

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