The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), together with the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), joins the nation in observing the Development Policy Research Month (DPRM) this September.

This year’s theme, “Bouncing Back Together: Innovating Governance for the New Normal,” focuses on innovating governance across all sectors of society to steer the country towards renewed growth and dynamism. It also encourages local and national decision-makers to cultivate a strong culture of research and the use of data and evidence in policy-making and planning.

As the country's lead in extension services and training, ATI harmonizes extension policies and standards for agriculture and fisheries to improve the delivery of extension services to partners and stakeholders. Together with the agri-fishery extension network in the country, the Institute formulates national guidelines and performance standards through results-based planning, and provides technical support for legislative initiatives.

The DPRM is observed every September through the Proclamation No. 247 in 2002 to highlight the critical role of policy research in the country's socioeconomic advancement.

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