Date Published:
Mar 03, 2014
PIDS Book 2014-01

The 2009 Survey of Innovation Activities (SIA), the Philippines` pilot survey on innovation and an outcome of the national innovation strategy called "FILIPINNOVATION", aims to generate information on innovative behavior of establishments in selected areas and industries in the Philippines. The SIA sampled 474 establishments from a sampling frame of 1,824 firms across three major industries: (a) food manufacturing, (b) electronics manufacturing, and (c) information and communications technology in four study areas: Quezon City, Metro Cebu, Davao City, and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority areas in Cavite and Laguna.

To give more information and understanding about the dynamics of innovation with economic growth as well as to benchmark national performance, the Department of Science and Technology, with funding support from the International Development Research Centre, launched the SIA with the help of the National Statistics Office to conduct the actual survey and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies to do the analysis of the survey results.

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