Date Published:
Jan 18, 2016
Focus Area(s):
DRN 2015 Vol. XXXIII No. 3

To celebrate the 13th Development Policy Research Month (DPRM), the PIDS chose the theme, "Effective Regulations for Sustainable Growth" or Tamang Regulasyon Para sa Patuloy na Pag-ahon. Two articles in this issue, one presenting the highlights of the policy dialogue on the DPRM theme and the other discussing bits of the press conferences held in various regions, show the initiatives and experiences of various regulatory agencies in reforming their regulations. Instituting a strong and coherent regulatory management system for the country--the message of this year`s DPRM--is deemed to facilitate more effective and sustainable regulatory reforms in the future. Completing this issue are the highlights of the 2015 Inaugural Public Policy Conference and of two policy forums organized by the Institute with its new development partners. The public policy conference, which will be held every DPRM from hereon, aims to flag to policymakers critical issues that must be addressed in the immediate term. For its initial offering, the theme was "Harnessing Our Institutions and Human Capital for Inclusive Growth".

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