Date Published:
Mar 28, 2022
Focus Area(s):
DP 2022-11

Transforming Philippine agriculture and fisheries (AF) into a dynamic, high-growth sector is essential to poverty reduction, food security, and inclusive economic prosperity. However, unsustainable AF practices have impacts on the environment and climate, and at the same time, ecosystem degradation and climate change impact the productivity and sustainability of the AF sector, with disastrous consequences on food security, income, and livelihoods, especially of small-scale farmers and fishers. Agriculture and fisheries rely on natural capital and are both providers and consumers of ecosystem services, and at the same time pose a threat to nature. This report describes the range of pressures affecting the state of the AF sector, and the response measures being undertaken. Integrating environmental sustainability and climate resilience in AF development and modernization plans has emerged as a necessity in policy and practice.

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