Date Published:
Dec 17, 2019
Discussion Papers
Focus Area(s):
DP 2019-13

This study conducts a process evaluation to determine the extent of implementation of the Senior High School (SHS) program and identify best practices, issues, and areas for improvement. It looks at three specific components namely, program theory, service delivery and utilization, and program organization. To capture a wider range of school context and experiences related to the implementation of the SHS program, 25 schools were randomly chosen based on their size, tracks offered, as well as area classification. Focus group discussions (FGDs) and key informant interviews (KIIs) with program implementers and program beneficiaries were conducted in the chosen schools. Interviews with current and past senior officials of the Department of Education and policymakers were also conducted. To provide comprehensive background to the FGDs and KIIs, enrollment data at the school level were also processed. Findings of the study reveal notable gains foremost of which is enrollment exceeding expectations. It is to the credit of the DepEd bureaucracy to have launched the SHS program to a very good start considering the enormity of the needs and challenges of implementing a new and nationwide program. The DepEd bureaucracy was found to have prepared well to implement the program and program support was conceptually well-organized. Several implementers, teachers, parents, and students highlighted varying experiences and opportunities which are very instructive. Certainly, the program is facing many challenges which hopefully are mostly mere birthing pains which can be addressed soon as implementation procedures continue to stabilize and take root.


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In Congress Documents
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