Date Published:
Oct 16, 2018
Policy Notes
PN 2018-10

Established in 2011, the Oplan Lumikas para Iwas Kalamidad at Sakit (LIKAS) aims to relocate 120,000 informal settler families (ISFs) from danger areas along major waterways in Metro Manila. Aside from a 2008 Supreme Court writ of mandamus, the establishment of Oplan LIKAS is also rooted in the advocacy of civil society organizations (CSOs), especially the urban poor sector, to increase the funding in social housing and in-city relocation. This Policy Note assesses the public sector–civil society engagement under the Oplan LIKAS. It found that though CSOs can drive the formulation of government programs and policies, their representation does not guarantee their ideas are translated in the implementation phase. While Oplan LIKAS had a number of tangible achievements and legacies, the integration of CSOs and the urban poor approaches has experienced major obstacles. Currently, Oplan LIKAS still promotes classical off-city relocation projects and fails to secure the welfare of their beneficiaries. The study urges the government to monitor the process and ensure the compliance with policies on in-city and near-city locations. It also recommends the adoption of a fixed legal basis for in-city relocation.

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