Date Published:
Jan 11, 2017
Policy Notes
Focus Area(s):
PN 2016-25

Due to various issues, such as lack of resources and administrative roadblocks, the Philippine government has turned to public-private partnerships (PPPs) to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) in the country, where a wide spectrum of people is able to obtain the needed health services without having to suffer financial hardships. This Policy Note presents the different PPP options for financing and delivering health-care services. Among its major recommendations is the crafting of a comprehensive health plan that clarifies the role of PPPs in the health system and in attaining UHC. It also urges the government to establish a regulatory framework, specifically a controlling body, to keep track of projects, monitor partners, and assist in the technical aspects of the partnership, among others.


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In the Media
  1. 2017. Full health plan needed for PPP. Malaya.
  2. Czeriza Valencia. 2017. PIDS proposes PPP for universal health coverage. Philippine Star.

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