Date Published:
Jun 01, 2003
Focus Area(s):
RPS 2003-01

This paper examines the conduct of exchange rate policy in the Philippines since the early 1980s, paying particular attention to the influence of exchange rate adjustments on relative production incentives. While primary interest is in the exchange rate regime and its incentive effects, the role of trade policy has to be simultaneously analyzed in view of its influence on the conduct of exchange rate policy as well as its direct effect on the real exchange rate. Moreover, there are analytical and empirical linkages of the real exchange rate to macroeconomic policy that need to be examined.


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In other Publications
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  2. Briones, Roehlano M. 2016. Domestic resource cost in Philippine agriculture: Measuring global competitiveness of key commodities. Philippine Journal of Development PJD 2014-2015 Vol. 41-42. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

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