Date Published:
Jun 01, 1992
Focus Area(s):
WP 1992-14

Recently, the link between environmental depletion or degradation and macroeconomic policies has been receiving generous attention from the policymakers and economic managers. Such concerns are valid since the country depends heavily on nature’s bounty. While there has been contention on the adverse effects of macroeconomic policies on natural resources, evidences to support such claim have been sparse. As part of the Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies research project, this paper, in general, reviews the literature to determine the existence of such evidences. It identifies how major macro and sectoral economic policies influences the rate of resource depletion and degradation during 1970-1990. It also assesses the country’s stock of remaining natural resources, reviews the patterns of resource depletion or degradation and relates these with welfare indicators. Research proposal to address the gaps constraining further MIMAP studies in the natural resources sector is also presented.


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In other Publications
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