Date Published:
Jun 01, 1983
Focus Area(s):
WP 1983-01

This paper aims to develop both the micro and macro data on the entire range of socioeconomic, managerial and technical issues faced by the wood-based furniture, footwear and leather tanning industry. The studies are intended to provide an initial base for policy formulation and implementation and to evolve a set of relevant guidelines for managerial and technical decisions. Findings show that the wood-based furniture industry is characterized by relative ease of entry that allows manufacturers to operate with little capital investment. In addition, domestic demand for furniture is low and the export market seems to hold the key to the growth of the industry. Hence, market research and development appears to be indispensable to the wood furniture exports. Several problems being faced by leather products are identified while a number of alternative actions are presented.


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In other Publications
  1. Israel, Danilo C. and David Feliks M. Bunao. 2017. Value chain analysis of the wood processing industry in the Philippines. Discussion Papers DP 2017-05. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

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