Date Published:
Jun 01, 1983
ESIA-WID WP 1983-10

This paper reports on the initial results of ESIA-WID’s endeavor to measure the impact of Cagayan Integrated Development Project by tracing its effects from the input point to the ultimate change in household welfare. Analysis indicates that the project have a very strong positive effect on productivity, production, income, labor and energy use. These are also expected to strongly affect the distribution of income within the project area. Where social variables are concerned, the project’s effects seem to weaken. This leads to the suggestion of an explicit inclusion of socio-demographic areas of concerning future project plans.


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In other Publications
  1. Alburo, Florian and Bruce Koppel. 1984. Impact assessment and project development: an overview. Philippine Journal of Development JPD 1984 Vol. XI No. 1-a. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

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