#PIDSGetsMoBa: Masustansyang pagkain na abot-kaya, mahalaga sa nutrisyon ng bawat Pilipino (Nutritious and affordable food, crucial for every Filipino)
In this #PIDSGetsMoBa video, we explain how high food prices affect access to nutritious food such as eggs, whose price has surged in recent weeks. In this regard, the video draws attention to the worsening problem of macro and micronutrient deficiency in the country, as emphasized in a PIDS study, and how rapid food inflation could exacerbate it. The same study urges policymakers to adopt a systems approach in examining and tackling food security issues.
#PIDSGetsMoBa is a video series that features pressing socioeconomic problems and policy recommendations from PIDS studies to address them.
This video is based on PIDS Discussion Paper Series 2022-21 (Is Food Supply Accessible, Affordable, and Stable? The State of Food Security in the Philippines) written by PIDS Supervising Research Specialist Ivory Myka R. Galang.
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