Date Published:
Jun 01, 2005
Focus Area(s):
DRN 2005 Vol. XXIII No. 5-b

Borrowing today’s parlance, the “in” thing now is health tourism. These days, people are not only looking for cures for their illnesses; they are crossing the borders for cosmetic purposes, wellness programs, surgery, and even for retirement. Health tourism goes with holiday packages that often consist of spa retreats, cosmetic treatments, diagnostic services, and therapies for recuperation and rehabilitation availed outside a person’s own country. In Asia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand have successfully enticed steady clients from wealthy nations to provide their health and medical needs at low cost but excellent quality. Can the Philippines compete with its Asian neighbors that are already leaders in the industry? The authors of this study believe so. Health facilities in the country are gaining international accreditations, and expert physicians are being known for quality service. These are positive strengths crucial for the Philippines to conquer the vast potentials of health tourism.

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