Date Published:
Jun 01, 1990
Working Papers
Focus Area(s):
WP 1990-21

In its attempt to contribute to the understanding of the behavior of one segment of the cooperative movement, this paper analyzes the performance of the cooperative credit union (CCU) system in rural areas. While CCU is the most successful of all types of cooperatives, its role in the financial markets has not yet been fully understood nor appreciated. This paper also examines the saving and borrowing patterns of the CCU members by focusing in CCUs located in the provinces of Batangas, Laguna and Pangasinan.


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In other Publications
  1. Lamberte, Mario B. and Ma. Chelo V. Manlagnit. 2003. Integrating gender perspectives in evaluating the efficiency of Cofi: The case of credit cooperatives in the Philippines. Discussion Papers DP 2003-06. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.
  2. Manlagnit, Ma. Chelo V.. 2004. In-depth analysis on the access to and suitability of the loans. Discussion Papers DP 2004-05. Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

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