Date Published:
Apr 23, 2018
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DRN 2018 Vol. XXXVI No. 1

Through this DRN issue, PIDS joins the country in the celebration of the 2018 National Women's Month. Last March, the Institute spearheaded the multistakeholder forum, Making Change Work for Women: A Policy Dialogue, to analyze the government’s thrusts in advancing the gender and development agenda. The banner story features the highlights of the said gathering. Aside from women’s issues, this DRN also covers the recent congressional forum where Dr. Rosario Manasan discussed the fiscal issues of the administration’s proposal to shift to federalism. It also includes articles featuring the Institute’s milestones this first quarter of 2018, such as the assumption into office of Dr. Celia Reyes as first PIDS female president, the celebration of service and leadership of Dr. William Padolina as an outgoing trustee of the Institute, and the improved ranking of PIDS in the list of global think tanks. Completing this issue is a case study of Calamba City, which demonstrates the relevance of crafting good policies in instigating a city’s industrial transformation.


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